Today, TOKAI® is the only national company to manufacture an electronic organ with drawbar. The MD-10 it possesses several Records in drawbar form, so much for the top and down keyboard as for treadle.

At 40, 50, 60 Years, kind of Organs like that was commons.Within the Advent's of Digital Technology, many manufactories stop with manufacturing models whith this resource. Who is organist know how this detais is important at sonority create time compatible with the music to be played.


Available Colors:


White Italy




Know The True Bar
Now The organist will have in MD-10 a strength musical allied. Imagine the power of create organ's timbres, using the 9 differents available drawbars to top keyboard, and still you can:

• Record sound's variations in up to 12 internal memories;
• Modify any drawbar in real time, during the music playing;
• To control the volume of the lower, upper and pedal in an independent way;
• Use Chorus and Vibrato, in stereo;
• Write down a created record (each drawbar has a scale of 10 points, written in the back of the bar, so that the user can write down a record accurately created by him) record accurately."

Technical Specifications:


UP: 44 Notes

DOWN: 44 Notes

TREADLES: 13 Notes


Up Keyboard: 9 Bars - 16`, 5 1/3`, 8`, 4`, 2 2/3`, 2`, 1 3/5`, 1 1/3`,1`

Down Keyboard: 4 Bars - 16`,8`,4`,2`

Treadles: 2 Bars - 16`,8`


UP Keyboard (12): Eletric Piano, Piano, Vibes, Jazz, Organ, Accordion, Pipe Organ, Strings, Trumpet, Trombone, Clrinet, Flute

Down Keyboard (3): Acoustic Organ, Slow Strings, Molow Brass

Treadles (3): Eletric Bass, Acoustic Bass, Slap Bass


Sound Generator: DSP

Polyphone: 24 voices

Memories: 16 (6x2 banks)

Vibrato: V1/V2/V3

Chorus: C1/C2/C3

Sustain: 3 individuals ON/OFF controls for 2 manuals and treadles.

"Other" Function : 3 individual keys for 2 manuals and tredles.


Rhythms (15): 8 beat, 16 beat, Pops, Slow Rock, Disco, Swing, Bossa Nova, Bolero, Samba, Cha-Cha, Waltz, Jazz Rock, Baião, Reggae, Guarânia

Altern Bass, Walking Bass, Fingered, Start/Stop, Syncro/Fill In, Tempo, Volume Rhythm, Volume Arpeggio, Volume Pedals, Volume Lower, Volume Upper, Pedal Foot Swith Start / Stop.


Volume Control: Volume (knob)

Connectors: Phone, Auxiliary Output (R/L), Auxiliary Input

Potency: 30W (RMS)

Speakers: 2 Woofers 10", 2 Tweeters

* Subject Specification can be altered without previous warning.
















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