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Technical Specifications:


UP: 44 Notes

Down: 44 Notes

Treadles: 13 Notes


Up Keyboard (32): Organ 1, Detune Organ, Rock Organ, Percursive Organ, Reed Organ, Drawbar Organ, Church Organ 1, Church Organ 2, Piano, Eletric Piano, Vibraphone, Strings, Trumpet, Sax, Flute, Acordion, Hamonic, Acoustic Guitar, Strings2, Trombone, Oboé, Choir AAHS, Lead2, Fantasy, Pan Flute, Synth Bass, Synth Voice, French Horn, Brass Section, Blown Bottle, Lead3, Atmosphere`

Down Keyboard(8): Organ 1, Church Organ, Strings, Tremolo, Strings, OFC, Memorizar

Sound Generator/Memories/Effects

Sound Generator: Internal Generator GM 128 Timbres

Polyphony: 32 voices

Memories: 5 Recordable Memories

Vibrato:: Yes (UP)

Others: Yes (UP)

Reverb: Yes (UP)

Chorus: Yes (UP)

Sustain: Yes (UP)

Dual Voice: The Dual Voice System allow two distincts timbres simultaneously mixes.


Rhythms (30): Waltz, Disco, Swing, Fox, 8 beat, Big Band, 16 beat, 50/60, Pos, Country, House, Slow Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz Rock, Lambada, Bossa Nova, Bolero 1, Samba, Bolero 2, Samba Rock, Mambo, Carnaval, Vanerão, Fado, Baião, Polka, Tango, 5/4 beat, March.


Connectors: Earphone, Auxiliary Output, Auxiliary Input

Potency: 30W (RMS)

Speakers: 2 Woofers 10", 2 Tweeters 2,5


* Subject specifications can be altered without previous warning..















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